Sarajevo Debate

Promoting debate on the important topics of our time

We feel a growing sense of urgency for humanity to pursue a new and more meaningful path in every single sphere of influence and human activity and to acknowledge its responsibility to act collectively for a more mindful, fair, ethical and democratic society.

Sarajevo Debate platform is focused on promoting fair and substantive debates that encourage participation in our democracy.

About Our Initiative

We believe that the constraints are practical, not theoretical and that they are vital to progress and social evolution. Through critical thinking, we focus on concrete dilemmas, we empower our capacities for judgment and we remodel democracy postulates.
We seek to promote change by identifying the root causes of the current crisis and by gathering insights from individuals and organizations that value democracy, ethics, open inquiry, respectful dialogue and freedom of expression.
We aim to bring in an array of speakers to offer a greater understanding of issues around us from equality to climate change.
Our goal is to educate citizens to challenge power and encourage democratic values.

Get Involved Where It Matters